Technical Event CemoCar

Event Descriptions

  • Don’t use soft drinks or mint materials in chemocar.

  • Chemo Car should work only by chemical reactions. No other force can be used.

  • No electronic material should be used in chemo car.Only chemicals should be used.

  • Chemicals used in chemo car can be 2 or more.

  • There will be total 3 rounds in whole event.

  • A particular car will have only 2 chances to run the car at that particular stage.

  • Winners will be declared on the maximum distance travelled by the Car.

  • Chemicals must be brought by the participants.

Event Details

  • Event Cordinator :PANKAJ PADHIYAR
  • Student Cordinator :PATEL MANAV,PATEL SHAISHAV
  • Loaction : AMPHITHEATER
  • Category : TECHNICAL EVENT
  • Date : 16/2/2018
  • Registration Time:9:00 TO 10:00
  • Time : 10:00 TO 12:00